Louis Walsh says he ‘doesn’t need’ Irish telly – in wake of Ireland’s Got Talent being axed

The music manager is returning to The X Factor

Louis Walsh has said he ‘doesn’t need’ Irish telly, in wake of Ireland’s Got Talent being axed.

The music manager, who acted as a judge on the show for two years, slammed the show as “local telly” in an explosive new interview.

Speaking to the Sunday World, Louis said: “We had great fun doing it, but I would never depend on them for anything, ever, for anything.”

“Why would I do local telly when I can do X Factor? We had two good years, but I wasn’t dependent on it.”

Instead of Ireland’s Got Talent, Louis will be back on The X Factor later this year for a brand new celebrity version, and all-star version of the show.

Louis also expressed his delight for fellow IGT judge Michelle Visage, who has signed up for this year’s series of Strictly Come Dancing.

He said: “Michelle will be great for Strictly, nobody will work harder – she’s great.”

“Listen I’m going to be on X Factor, she’s going to be on Strictly – it’s perfect, it’s a perfect solution.”

Picture: Cathal Burke / VIPIRELAND.COM

Louis continued: “We were never dependent on waiting on TV3 [Virgin Media] for that show. We had already taken these jobs. We were offered these jobs and we took them.

“We were never waiting on TV3. I will never be dependent on Irish TV for anything in my life.

“I’ve got too much work over here in the UK. I’ve been offered every single show at the moment, literally every show every day.”