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Louis Walsh: 'I fight with Cheryl Cole – I'll put her in her place on X Factor'

X Factor star Louis Walsh has admitted he fights with fellow judge Cheryl Cole, but he’s happy to put her in her place.

The music mogul, who managed Cheryl’s band Girls Aloud, revealed that they squabble and he has no problem reminding her where she came from.

“I fight with Cheryl. In some ways, I think we are like brother and sister and we just scrap. She doesn’t like the fact that I put her in her place.

“I keep reminding her that she came from Popstars: The Rivals and I was the mentor that year and I actually remember her audition,” he said.

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Judges: Louis will sit alongside Cheryl and Simon this year, plus new judge Mel B

Louis added that “Cheryl wasn’t always this beautifully manicured and styled pop star. She would like to sweep that under the carpet but I won’t let that happen.”

But the Mayo man is happy to keep the peace on the X Factor judging panel, saying he just wants to find good talent.

“She is fine, she looks great and Simon wants her on the show and what Simon wants, Simon gets. But I will do my job regardless of what Cheryl thinks; I am here to spot talent not make friends. But we will get along okay,” he told the Irish Mail On Sunday.

X Factor Judges at Jurys

Pals: Simon and Louis are good friends

One judge he is fond of is Mel B, who was just added to the line up.

“Mel B was brilliant when she appeared as a guest judge so I think she will bring a lot of life into the show. She is going to bring a little bit of madness.

Mel was from a really big girlband, the biggest in the world probably.

“Whereas Girls Aloud only really sold records in England. Everybody around the world knows who Mel B is and you can’t say the same with Cheryl.


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