Lottie Ryan reveals father Gerry had to bring her to hospital – after she was targeted by school bullies

The 2FM presenter was badly bullied in secondary school

Lottie and her late dad Gerry | VIPIRELAND.COM

Lottie Ryan has revealed her father Gerry had to bring her to the hospital, after she was targeted by cruel school bullies.

The radio host has previously opened up about how bullying shaped her as an adult, and now she’s shed light on the type of abuse she experienced in school.

Speaking on RTÉ 2FM, Lottie said: “When I was in second year I think it was, so I was maybe 14 years old, there were a group of girls giving me a little bit of a hard time.”

“And they pulled a chair out from underneath me one day in class and I landed straight down on my coccyx.”

Credit: Kieran Harnett

“And the pain was horrific! And I remember my Da coming to the school to collect me to bring me into the hospital,” she recalled.

“And I had to have it x-rayed and I had chipped a bit of my coccyx. So for a good few weeks I was getting physio and I was in a considerable amount of pain.”

“Now thankfully, it healed itself up quite quickly and it was only a couple of weeks. But I was 14 years old, and I’m in my 30s now, and I still remember what that pain felt like for those couple of weeks.”

During a previous chat with Jennifer Zamparelli on 2FM, Lottie admitted her father’s fame made her an easy target in school.

Gerry Ryan with daughters Lottie and Bonnie Ryan | VIPIRELAND.COM

“I was really badly bullied, like very badly bullied when I was in first year of school – so around 13 or 14,” she explained. “I haven’t spoken about it with anyone outside of my family before but if I speak about it I still get really upset.”

“I had to move schools because I was at the stage where I was eating my lunch every day in the toilet by myself and not in a good place.”

“I think my dad made me an easier target, and for me that was a huge shock,” she said.

“When I moved into secondary school with a whole load of people I didn’t know before, for them it was a huge deal and I’d never experienced that before.”


“My parents did everything they could at the time, I think they were heartbroken for me. It ended up that my dad was driving me to school every morning, up to the door, and giving me a pep talk.”

“School begins at 9, and he had a show at the time that began at 9. I’m pretty sure for that whole year he must have been late to air nearly every day.”

“I think he got in trouble over it. Nobody knew why he was late, but I’ll be forever grateful for that because I needed it,” she added.

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