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Lottie Ryan admits she’s ‘an emotional wreck’ ahead of the birth of her first child

Lottie Ryan has admitted she’s “an emotional wreck” ahead of the birth of her first child.

The RTÉ star is expecting a baby boy with her husband Fabio Aprile, who she married back in 2017.

As her due date approaches, the 35-year-old admitted it’s starting to feel “so real”, as she packed her hospital bag.

Taking to her Instagram Stories on Tuesday, Lottie said: “Hi guys, long time no see. I know it’s been a minute but to be truthful, I’m pregnant and I’m operating on a slower pace these days.”

“I know I’ve been saying for ages that I was going to come on and do my hospital bag but a valuable lesson I’ve recently learned is maybe don’t promise things when you’re pregnant, because your body and your hormones are going to do something on a totally different timeline.”

“However, I’m here and I’m ready to rock. I’m sitting in my little fellas nursery which is very exciting and I’d say it’s about 90 percent finished.”

“I’m just an emotional wreck when I look at it because I just love it, I adore it, it’s making things very real,” she said.

“The thing about the hospital bag is I very naively thought, ‘Oh I just need some pyjamas and a baby grow’. Talk about first-time mum syndrome, but I clearly have learned very quickly that is not all you need and there are many bits that you do need.”

Lottie and Fabio | Patrick Bolger

Lottie’s hospital bag contained disposable breast pads, maternity pads, pants, flip-flops, nappies, cards for the midwives, wash cloths, shower products, hair brush, deodorant, lip balm and a toothbrush.

The news comes after Lottie recently admitted she was “thinking twice” about sharing her pregnancy journey on social media, after being bombarded with unsolicited advice.

The 2FM star fell pregnant last year, just weeks after she decided to freeze her eggs.

She is due to give birth in August.


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