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Lorraine Keane opens up about tragic charity visit to the Philippines


TV presenter Lorraine Keane has spoken about her emotional trip to the Philippines.

The former Xpose host travelled to the impoverished country for World Vision – a charity that helps people to sponsor children in developing countries.

Lorraine flew to the Philippines to help the charity look after locals after typhoon-Haiyan – which wiped out hundreds of homes and killing thousands.

“I just offered my services to them and said listen, I’ve been quietly sponsoring children for the last seventeen years,” Lorraine told Goss.ie.

Lorraine is pictured with two children, from a family of six, who are benefitting from the World Vision livelihood programme.

World Vision: Lorraine went on an emotional trip

The presenter revealed that some parts of the trip were anything but easy to handle.

“We met Evelyn, a woman who lost twenty eight members of her family. She was the only surviving adult in her family.

“To talk to her…it just breaks your heart” she said.

“Another woman called Norma lost her husband and her house…She has to collect one hundred coconuts a day to feed her family,” she added.

Lorraine helping out in a World Vision education and food programme in a local community

Moved: Lorraine has been sponsoring children for years

While the journey was heart breaking, Lorraine said that her nine day trip gave her a whole new sense of community.

“The Phillipino people are just incredible. Regardless of what they lost – family, friends, livelihoods, homes – they’re amazing.

“Their sense of community, their faith and their work ethic. They just got up and within a short space of time really did make a huge difference” she explained.

While mum-of-two Lorraine has secretly been sponsoring children for years, the presenter asked the public to look into sponsoring a child themselves.

Lorraine is pictured in front of one of many ships that were driven 50 metres inland by typhoon Haiyan, wiping out hundreds of homes and killing thousands

Typhoon: thousands of people were killed

“To sponsor a child on their behalf is an amazing gift. You get an updated photograph, it’s like having a little pen pal.

“It’s a great eye opener for children in our world that are so lucky and so privileged,” she explained.

“To see how other children of the same age live in a completely different environment and struggle day to day. We should always think of others in more difficult situations. “