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Lisa McGowan reveals if she took legal action against online trolls after High Court ruling

Lisa McGowan has revealed if she took legal action against anonymous trolls who abused her online, after she won a High Court bid to name them.

Last August, the popular influencer secured High Court orders requiring Facebook to provide her with information to identify anonymous persons who were trolling, defaming and stalking her online.

In order to sue the trolls for defamation, the 48-year-old sought orders against Facebook Ireland Ltd to help her identify the person or persons behind certain posts on Facebook and Instagram.

In court, Lisa claimed that she and members of her family had been subject to online bullying, trolling and harassment.

The Tullamore native said the anonymous trolls made comments online “designed solely to inflict reputation and financial damage” on her and her firm.

Months after Facebook were forced to identify the offending accounts, Lisa has admitted she’s yet to take legal action against those who trolled her.

Lisa McGowan won a high court bid against Facebook

Speaking to the Irish Independent about the situation, Lisa said: “Personal insults are one thing, but my integrity was being questioned.”

“All you have is your name in this business.”

The 48-year-old confirmed she hasn’t taken any further action, but admitted she’s noticed a decline in anonymous accounts on Facebook and Instagram since she won her High Court bid last year.

“When word came out about the judgment, you wouldn’t believe how fast a slew of anonymous accounts were shut down,” she added.


Lisa is an award-winning content creator, who has over 300,000 followers across Facebook and Instagram.

The Tullamore native started her online promotional work after she won the best dressed lady competition at the Galway Races in 2016.


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