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Lisa Jordan shares sweet moment her daughters met their newborn brother

The influencer gave birth to her son AJ earlier this month


Lisa Jordan has shared the sweet moment that her daughters Pearl and Bowie met their newborn brother AJ for the first time.

The Cork native welcomed her third child earlier this month, after he arrived a month earlier than expected – which meant he had to stay in hospital for a number of days be monitored in a neonatal unit.

Taking to Instagram on Sunday, Lisa shared the emotional moment her daughters met AJ for the first time upon his arrival home.

When Pearl & Bowie met their Baby Brother ????????????????” she wrote. 

The family were all dressed in baby blue for the meeting, with Pearl and Bowie wrapping AJ up in a blue blanket.

“The best big sisters,” Lisa gushed, as her daughters doted over the newest addition to their family.

“It’s Pearl unfolding the blanket perfectly and placing it on him so neatly,” the influencer added, “She doesn’t get that from me.”

“I cry every time I watch it,” she admitted, “It’s such a special day for us all.”

Following the announcement of her son’s name last week, followers were quick to speculate it had an extra special meaning to Lisa.

Many guessed that Lisa had chosen to name her little boy AJ after her brother Alan Jordan who sadly passed away.

Last year, Lisa bravely opened up about the tragic loss of her sibling for the first time – telling her followers that he had died “suddenly” 7 years ago.

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I don’t normally share pics of my brother Alan but i don’t want him to ever be forgotten, he was a such a gentle, kind person always looking out for me???? We lost him suddenly this day 7 years ago and I can still remember every second of that day???? another reason I wanted to share this was because I know a lot of you following me have lost people too and struggle with it. I get asked a lot how do I cope with loosing my dad and my brother, what keeps me so positive?… for me there is only one reason… I have been blessed with an incredible husband and two beautiful kids, I always say it was gods way of healing me???? In sad times we need to focus on what we have rather than what we have lost, I know sometimes it’s hard to think like that but it’s the way I cope best, I also feel it’s important to talk to people when you are feeling low it really helped me, don’t bottle it up it’s good to let it out, have a cry… I do most weeks & remember you are not alone lots of people feel the same ???? it will get easier xx

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