Lisa Jordan shares adorable new purchase for her two daughters

The Irish influencer has 'been thinking about this for weeks'


Lisa Jordan has shared an adorable new purchase for her two daughters – amid current isolation restrictions.

The Cork native has revealed she bought a garden playhouse for her daughters Pearl and Bowie to play in.

The expectant mum released a series of videos explaining that she desperately wanted to get a new toy for their back garden and her daughter Pearl always wanted a playhouse.

“The summer started a little bit early and we were all staying so I went on a hunt for a nice playhouse,” she revealed.


The blonde beauty explained that she was struggling to find the particular product she wanted for her back garden from the brand Smoby.

“I was looking everywhere. Smyths had a couple of Smoby’s but not the one I wanted,” she commented.

Lisa then revealed that while she was searching online, she came across a toyshop in Kerry that had the product she wanted.

“I was just googling one night and this website came up from Kerry that had it,” she added.


The fashion blogger then proceeded to share videos of the girls enjoying their new toy in the garden.

In one particular video, Pearl thanked her mother for her present.

“I’m delighted you love it so much,” Lisa replied.

“It’s so cool,” her daughter excitedly responded.


Lisa admitted that she felt guilty for not having anything for her girls out in the garden.

“We’re all trying to entertain our kids while this is going on and most people would have stuff in their garden but I had literally nothing,” she confessed.

“I just want to make my girls so happy and make their days happy.”