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Lisa Jordan reveals she received ‘nasty message’ after returning from Tenerife amid coronavirus outbreak

The Irish influencer went on holiday with her family before the coronavirus outbreak was declared a pandemic


Lisa Jordan has revealed she received a “nasty message” after returning from Tenerife amid the coronavirus outbreak.

The Cork native jetted to the Canary Islands for a family holiday last week, before the World Health Organisation declared the coronavirus outbreak a pandemic.

Over the past few days, the outbreak has escalated in Ireland, and all schools and colleges have been closed until the end of the month.

Thankfully, Lisa and her family’s flight home on Friday wasn’t affected by recent developments, and she’s now self-isolating at home in Cork.


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Earlier this week, the government urged Irish people returning from affected countries to self-isolate immediately once they return to Ireland.

Taking to her Instagram Story, Lisa said: “Miserable Saturday, which is good though because I think most of us are indoors, well we should be, especially me because I just came back from the Canary Islands.”

Lisa then explained that they were initially worried about travelling to Tenerife, as there was an outbreak of the virus in a hotel over there.

But after consulting with the Irish Board and AerLingus, they were advised to go, and Lisa stressed that she “really needed a break”.


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She said: “When we were there, things were fine. And then two days ago, everything just kicks off! And I was just like oh my goodness are we going to get stuck here?”

“But we were due home yesterday, and we got home no problem. But some of the flights were delayed and cancelled after ours, so we were very lucky.”

“Tenerife only had like 19 cases from that one hotel, and Ireland had like 90, so we were safer there! But obviously we wanted to come home,” she continued.

Lisa then reassured her followers that she’d be staying home, and that she had cancelled any jobs she had on this weekend.

“I think everyone has a duty of care just to look after themselves, look after family, wash your hands, avoid public situations, avoid going to places that you don’t need to go, I think everyone should be somewhat isolated,” she said.


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“Hopefully this will all pass soon, and we can get back to our daily lives, but for now we just have to stick together.”

“So I thought I’d come on and talk about that a bit, because people were asking me what was going on over there, there was actually nothing going on over there. There wasn’t even a mention of it anywhere, I didn’t see anyone wearing masks,” Lisa said.

“We were sanitising, wiping, Dettol-ing, I was doing everything – I looked like a crazy person. But nobody else [was doing that]. But I’d say that will change over the next few weeks.”

Lisa then confessed: “I got a really nasty message from a girl called Clodagh, and I just think in this kind of a time you shouldn’t be sending people messages giving out to them.”


“And if someone sends me anything nasty or giving out to me, I’m going to start sharing them,” she said.

“I’ve seen other bloggers doing it, and I’m going to start doing it because people need to learn you can’t just speak to people like that, especially people you don’t know, and it’s just not okay. So that’s that.”

“But yeah, no need to be an absolute b***h on my child’s birthday like, no need,” Lisa added.