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Lisa Duffy: 'I became Boyzone Keith's mum when we started dating'

Lisa Duffy has revealed she was more like Boyzone star Keith Duffy’s mum than his lover when they began dating.

But the 43-year-old admitted that the Coronation Street actor has changed over time and is now the boss in their relationship.

She said: “We’re at a different stage where Keith is not the man I met — he’s assertive now, he’s aware of who he is.

“He wasn’t like that when I met him but he’s found himself over the years.

“When I think back, I was definitely more like a mother figure. I was advising Keith and laying down the rules.

“We’ve gone full circle now and I feel my husband very much takes care of me.”


Boyzone: Keith with his bandmates recently

And Lisa admitted that trusting Keith, 39, when he was on tour meant she was never scared he would cheat.

She told Woman’s Way: “The understanding we always had for each other was that when Keith went to work, I wasn’t going to go following him everywhere.

“I felt that was his identity, his space, so I would just let him go and do what he needed to do.”


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