Lisa Cannon unveiled as new brand ambassador for Weightwatchers

The TV presenter is following a Weightwatchers plan

Lisa Cannon has been unveiled as the new brand ambassador for Weightwatchers Ireland.

The TV3 star started her Weightwatchers experience in mid-December and has been following the Smartpoints plan, with amazing results.

Her goal is to lose a stone by the end of February, and she’s well on track, having shed 10lbs already.

Weight Watchers Lisa Cannon 2

Ambassador: Lisa is now a brand ambassador for Weightwatchers | BRIAN MCEVOY

The TV presenter said, “After years of unsuccessfully trialling different diets, I reached a stage in my life where I wanted a plan that was about losing weight in a healthy, holistic way and one that was realistic and sustainable.

“Weightwatchers really has been the perfect fit for me. It’s about being Real, not Perfect.

“The plan has been easy to follow, and in a relatively short space of time, I’ve learned so much about food and cooking. And it works! I’m down 10lbs and feel great!”

WeightWatchers Lisa Cannon 15

Weightwatchers: The TV presenter has been following the Weightwatchers plan | BRIAN MCEVOY