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Linda Nolan diagnosed with secondary cancer

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Coleen Nolan has revealed that her sister Linda (58) has been diagnosed with secondary cancer.

The Dublin native, who rose to fame with her sisters in the band The Nolans back in the 1970s, was treated for breast cancer back in 2006 – but has been cancer-free ever since.

However, Linda’s sister Coleen revealed on Loose Women that she has now been diagnosed with secondary cancer, after falling up the stairs around three weeks ago.

“Linda wants to get it across she’s not dying of cancer. She’s living with cancer. They’ve said it is treatable, she could have years. We have to focus on that,” Coleen said.

“She actually broke her hip. She went to hospital and while they did the scan of her hip, they found secondary cancer … It was earth-shattering for us initially.”

The news comes after Coleen caused speculation after announcing that she was taking a break from Loose Women to ‘get her head together’, and now the real reason for Coleen’s absence from the show has been revealed.

“She didn’t want it to be out there at the time. We all had to get our head around it,” she said.

Coleen and Linda sadly lost their sister Bernie to breast cancer in 2013, and Linda lost her husband to skin cancer back in 2007.

“The positive thing is, although they’ve said it’s not curable, it’s treatable and it’s not spread anywhere else,” said an emotional Coleen.

Strong: Linda has been diagnosed with secondary cancer – but is remaining positive | VIPIRELAND.COM

“That’s the positive attitude she wants me to get across; obviously it’s going to be compared to Bernie. That was in Linda’s mind when they first said it.

“But it was a completely different cancer and Bernie’s had spread. Linda’s hasn’t. Like Bernie, Linda’s so strong.

“I went through such terrible anger, I was angry at the world, angry at cancer, angry for her. I just thought it’s so unfair, she’s just got it all together. It’s taken her 10 years to finally get her life back and then it goes ‘Whack, here you go, now face this’,” she added.

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