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Lauren Arthurs showcases ‘dream engagement ring’ in Antwerp

Lauren got engaged in Italy earlier this month


Top Irish influencer Lauren Arthurs, otherwise known as Love Lauren, has shared her journey to acquire her perfect engagement ring.

The content creator got engaged just two weeks ago while holidaying in Italy with boyfriend John.

The couple have been together for 13 years, and are soon moving back to Dublin after residing in The Netherlands for over a year.


Lauren and John ventured to Antwerp, Belgium, this weekend to create Lauren’s “dream” engagement ring.

“Happy Sunday. I’m just popping on to say a quick hello because I feel like I haven’t been on in ages, and its been a mad two weeks good and bad of course,” she told her followers.

“We were engaged in Italy and then we came home and had the sad news about my family dog, and in the midst of all that we had to pack up our lives because we move home to Ireland on Tuesday.. and then we were going to Antwerp to get my ring!”


“It was gorgeous in Antwerp, we had so much fun and designing my ring was honestly just a dream come true so it was a nice bit of happiness in amongst all the sad.”

Lauren uploaded a video of her personally designed engagement ring to her Instagram, feed.

“My dream ring,” she wrote. “An oval solitaire with a classic gold band.”

“I couldn’t have imagined it to be more perfect.”