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Laura Whitmore responds to backlash after being accused of promoting the British Army

The presenter cleared up the allegations after being called out on Twitter


Laura Whitmore has responded to backlash after she was accused of promoting the British Army.

The Irish presenter was called out on Twitter after she spoke on a British Army podcast series called The Locker, promoting the talk as an “#ad” on her Instagram.

Responding to the backlash, the 35-year-old tweeted: “I was asked to be a guest on a podcast talking about body issues and being a female in a male dominated industry.”

“As I have done a lot in the past. The other guest was a young female soldier. If this looked like me trying to recruit people to the army that is not the case at all.”

“I know to those who actually listen to the podcast they’ll understand but in case there’s any confusion I wanted to clear it up.”

The interview in question hears Laura speak to a female soldier named Ella, who opened up about being a female in a male dominated industry.

Earlier today, Twitter user Lisa Humes called out Laura for the post promoting the podcast: “It’s too early for me to get my head around Laura Whitmore’s ad for the British Army podcast, followed by a John Hume quote,” – referencing the Northern Irish politician who passed away on Monday.

“Well when you’re trying to get your head around it, actually listen to the podcast and a really important conversation for women and being female in all sorts of male dominated industries,” Laura clapped back.

Responding to Laura’s tweet, Lisa continued: “Hi Laura, I’m a big fan of your work but thought this was really disappointing. I don’t see what gender has to do with it.”

“John devoted his life to stopping the atrocities of the same army this podcast is effectively a recruitment drive for,” she added.

Laura wrote back: “Gender has EVERYTHING to do with it as that’s the conversation. Because it’s me chatting to two women.”

“One is a 5ft 2 female in the British army and one a journalist. We talk about being female in industries that in the past have been believed to be male dominated and the pressure for our bodies to look a certain way.”

“I’m a journalist I get paid to broadcast and interview that’s my job. I don’t think it’s a juxtaposition, the quote certainly was forward thinking recognising two powerful traditions,” the presenter continued.

“I’m thankful to be Irish and living in England and feel respected, which wasn’t always the case.”

“An Irish woman talking to a young British women in the army about issues faced by all women shows how far we’ve come. That we are more alike than people want us to believe . Does it matter where we come from?”

“This is not about ignoring the history books. This is about progress and equality – something Hume promoted. You’re fully entitled to your opinion. I just thought it would have been good to have listened to the podcast before you judged the post.”

She added: “Every industry and body is bettered by equality and a balance of all sexes.”

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