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The Late Late Show audience is GAS tonight

Ryan's voice will be echoing in the RTE studio!

Andres Poveda

There’s a saying in entertainment that ‘the show must go on!’ That was true for The Late Late Show tonight despite Storm Emma and the red weather warning.

People usually compete for tickets to the Friday night show but tonight, you could have a whole row of seats to yourself if you fancied.

Thankfully it filled up a little bit more after Oliver arrived.

Jim Sheridan commented on the forlorn rows of empty chairs.

‘It’s a unique night in the 56 year history of the #LateLateShow..
For safety reasons we had to cancel the audience BUT the show must go on. It’s got that “day off school” vibe in the studio ????’


We can count 32 people in the studio here, host and contributors included.

Ryan looks like a lecturer and the mature students, as always, were the only ones who bothered showing up.