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Keith Barry admits he uses hypnotism everyday on people


Keith Barry has revealed that he uses hypnotherapy everyday on people.

The magician has a new show Out Of Control is coming to Dublin and the Waterford native said he practices on people all the time.

“There are secret techniques: neuro-linguistic programming, the yes-setting mixed with hypnotic triggers and all that kind of stuff. I’d use it on a daily basis,” he said.

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Hypnotise: Keith uses his powers everyday | VIPIRELAND.COM

The 38-year-old has even used his super powers when buying items.

“When I’m buying a new house or a new car, of course I am going to use any technique that I can to get these things cheaper. Does that mean I will put somebody asleep and get these things for nothing? Well no, not really.”

Keith isn;t the only member of his family to be using magic tricks as his wife and children are also trying out his techniques.

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Magic Family: Keiths wife and kids tried hypnotise | BRIAN MCEVOY

“My seven-year-old is running around trying to hypnotise people already. I think I could have created a monster there,” he told the Irish  Independent.

The show man uses mysticism does not believe in any form of psychic powers.

I would love somebody to walk in here and sit down there and convince me that they are truly psychic, but I have educated myself in the overt techniques that they don’t want you and the general public to know,” he explained.