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Katy’s fate to be revealed on Fair City THIS WEEK

Fair City Eps 87 Ciaran and Katy say one final and bitter farewell L-R Ciaran - Johnny Ward Katy - Amilia Clarke Stewart

The kidnapping storyline that just kept on giving on RTÉ’s Fair City is set to FINALLY come to end this week, as Katy’s fate will eventually be revealed.

On May 8th 2016, Katy O’Brien vanished from Carrigstown without a trace – since then no one has heard from her or knows what happened to her on that fateful night after she left the Station bar to travel to Galway to meet friends.

With no clues as to where she might be, the O’Brien family have been living in utter torment over the last year wondering whether Katy is dead or alive.

Now, after a year in captivity and in the grip of Stockholm Syndrome, Katy is closer to freedom than ever. With Deegan, DI McCabe and the O’Briens hot on their heels but quickly running out of options, will Katy finally be able to break ties with the man she has become utterly dependent on in order to save herself?

Finally: Katy and Ciaran’s fate will be revealed on Fair City this week | RTE

It has been a storyline that has gripped the nation over the past 12 months, with petitions created to #freekaty and buses from Mayo ready to descend on Carrigstown to release her from her cell.

However, this week, in a final dramatic twist, Katy and Ciaran’s fate will be revealed.

Fair City has been on air since 1989 and continues to be Ireland’s most popular soap with close to half a million viewers tuning in per episode. But, the Katy storyline has proven particularly popular with younger audiences, attracting a 24% share among women 15-34 up 28% on the same period as last year.

In tonight’s episode, Wednesday, 24th May, Ciaran and Katy are on the run and quickly running out of options. Ciaran is quickly losing blood from his stab wound while Katy worries just how long more he can keep going.

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Aware that everyone will be looking for them, but weak from his injury and losing his grip on reality, Ciaran comes up with a plan to take a boat to a summer house he knows of in Bray where they can hide out. After a quick call to Farrah to say a final goodbye, they make their way to the pier.

Katy’s concerns grow as Ciaran talks to her as if she is his sister Tessa. Terrified that he is losing blood and hope, Katy is faced with the difficult decision of whether to leave and seek help to save his life or stay by his side…

Tune in to The Daily Goss at 5pm today, as we’ll be chatting to Fair City’s Johnny Ward, who plays kidnapper Ciaran, about the storyline that just kept on giving.