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Kathryn Thomas shares candid ‘no filter’ update following the birth of her second child

Kathryn Thomas has shared a candid update following the birth of her second child.

The TV presenter, who is already mum to three-year-old Ellie, welcomed another daughter named Grace with her husband Padraig McLoughlin on October 26.

Taking to Instagram on Wednesday, the Operation Transformation host ditched makeup and filters as she opened up about her “whirlwind” two weeks.

Holding Grace in her arms, Kathryn said: “We have been blissfully unaware of what has been happening for the last two weeks since little madame arrived.”

“She just finished feeding. Honestly, that’s all I do, that’s what I spend my days doing is just staring at her.”

“It has been a whirlwind two weeks. Now [I’m] just enjoying every minute of the love bubble and lots of snuggles and cuddles but you just forget how tired you are.”

“Clearly I have no filter on this now or no makeup on and those bags are for real. Look it sure it’s all worth it,” she said.

Kathryn continued: “But thank you so much for all the beautiful messages so much love and so much goodwill.”

“Honestly your messages mean the world to me. I’m going to try and get back to a few more this evening but honestly, she’s just such a time waster I just end up staring at her for a lot of the time.”

The mum-of-two also revealed her eldest daughter Ellie has been sick recently, but is loving her new big sister role.

“Ellie was sick for the last few days, [so] she’s been out of school. She went back today but she had a really bad cough and just as precaution we kept her out got her tested, she’s negative obviously but we just kept her out,” she explained.

“So it has been busy managing a toddler and a newborn, but she’s been brilliant she has just taken her big sister role like a duck to water.”

Opening up about her recovery, Kathryn admitted it’s been “slow” as she had a c-section.

“I had a c-section as well so recovery is slow which I knew it was going to be,” she said. “I walked Ellie to school today pushing the buggy slowly.”

“So that was a tick off the list for me so feeling stronger day by day, and as I said I hope everybody is good.”


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