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Kathryn Thomas receives praise for posting photo of herself in shape wear

The presenter was marking the end of Operation Transformation 2020

Host Kathryn Thomas

Kathryn Thomas has received praise for posting a photo of herself wearing shape wear.

The Operation Transformation host marked the end of this year’s series by swapping roles with the leaders – by posing for a photo in Lycra.

Wearing nude shape wear with rollers in her hair, Kathryn happily posed for a photo with leaders Lorraine, Shane, Tanya, Barry and Andrea, and wrote: “And that’s a wrap on @rteoperationtransformation 2020.”

“In honour of all of our leaders hard work, dedication and bravery over the last 8 weeks, here’s me in my Lycra for once! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 #rolereversal.”

“This ethos of this programme is to educate people in the whole area of fitness and nutrition so as to improve their health,” she continued.

“But, just as importantly, the show is about encouraging people to love and respect their bodies and regain their confidence which has been entirely lost.”

“To stand on TV in your jocks, esp if your self esteem is in your boots is not easy. But the courage and confidence it takes means the desire and momentum for change is already in motion.” [sic]

Kathryn wrote: “I always feel if there was one lesson we could all master in life, it would be to not give a s**t what people think of us. It would allow us really focus on what we want, what actually makes us happy and it would free us up to concentrate on achieving our goals and dreams.”

“It’s not easy in today’s world and I’m not saying I’ve fully mastered it either. Far from it.
But learning to become proud of our bodies and what they are capable of doing is so important.”

“Healthy bodies, it’s worth remembering, come in all shapes and sizes. Over and out until next time ❤️❤️❤️❤️,” she added.

Kathryn’s post resonated with a lot of people, and the TV presenter was praised for being so candid.

Fellow TV presenter Sile Seoige commented: “Such a brilliant post hun!! 🌟👏👏 Massive congrats to all the amazing leaders and OT team! Thanks for the inspiration 💪.”

Another follower wrote, “Well said Katherine, your always very down to earth and in tune with the real world ❤️great show this year.”