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Karen Koster opens up about parenting in lockdown: ‘Some days I’m pulling my hair out’

Karen Koster has opened up about parenting in lockdown, and admitted that some days are more difficult than others.

The Ireland AM presenter has three children with her husband John McGuire – 5-year-old Finn, 4-year-old JJ, and Eve, who is 1.

Speaking to VIP Magazine, Karen revealed she’s just taking every day as it comes.

She shared: “Some days I think I could do this all summer long, not a bother, but other days I’m pulling my hair out.”


She added: “We’re really lucky in our instance because John’s able to work from home and I get to do my four mornings in Virgin Media before coming home to them.”

When lockdown was first announced, Karen and John made a detailed schedule of daily activities to keep the kids occupied – but it became too difficult to stick to.

“In the early days I was like, right we’re doing this and this, I had a routine and I was sticking to it.”

“Then I had to ease up on it because I had myself run into the ground with all the activities,” she explained.

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Karen has since taken the pressure off herself, and said, “I’ve relaxed the rules for screen time and how much TV they can watch because I was running out of steam.”

“We do some sort of colouring and we’ll get out for at least an hour to our local park. I think it’s key for them, and for my own head, to get out in the fresh air.”

“You never regret getting out. We’re finding corners of the park we never used to look at before.”

“We’re building dens and making things out of stone. With the playground shut, you become so innovative and go back to basics.”


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Karen went on to admit that she’s lucky her kids aren’t missing out on too much with the school closures.

She continued: “The age my kids are at probably helps a lot. Finn’s the only one in school, he’s in Junior Infants.”

“We’re hit and miss when it comes to whether we get some home-schooling done with him, a bit of homework here and there, but the other two are fine missing Montessori.”

“Eve, if anything, seems to be coming on more and more because she’s got so much more attention from us and we’re constantly pointing asking her what’s this or that.”


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The 39-year-old shared that quarantine has allowed her kids to spend quality time bonding together.

“It’s nice to see the amount of time they’re getting together because obviously they’re usually in different classes,” Karen said.

“It’s really nice to see their dynamic come on. Eve is nearly two and she’s really taking part now with the boys, she’s not the baby bystander anymore.

“So seeing them having this quality time and hanging out with each other is lovely.”


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