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JyellowL urges people who attended Black Lives Matter protest in Dublin to self-isolate

The protest took place in Dublin's city centre on Monday


JyellowL has urged people who attended the Black Lives Matter protest in Dublin on Monday to self-isolate for two weeks.

The rapper helped organise the solidarity protest following the death of George Floyd last week, and the march attracted hundreds of protestors as they walked through Dublin’s city centre.

Although the protest was widely praised on social media, some people argued that social distancing measures weren’t adhered to – amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Organiser JyellowL has since encouraged those who attended to self-isolate, to avoid the possible spread of Covid-19.

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In a statement, he said: “Ireland stood in solidarity to show that black lives matter. Thank you to all the absolute royalty that made it possible.”

“From the people who marched with us to the Gardai who cooperatively worked with us to facilitate a peaceful demonstration of solidarity. We were all overwhelmed by the turnout.”

“I thought 100 people in attendance would’ve been ambitious but we’ve shown that we’re connected through joy in the good times and through pain in the difficult times. Both times love is manifested through the power of unity. Our love and support is extended to our brothers and sisters in the US and across the world who need it,” he continued.

“Our togetherness in diversity is something to be celebrated and we’ve shown that we’re committed to not only being: Not a racist country but an ANTI – RACIST country. This was a proud day for us.”


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“The step we need to take now is one of education, not one-sided but all-sided. Let’s keep the discussion open and spread understanding. Encourage uncomfortable dialogue without alienation so we can maintain and spread this unity.”

“I’ll be self-isolating for the next two weeks and I urge everyone who was present to do the same and for anyone looking to engage with other organised protests to do the same but also to take precautionary action,” he added.

“Let’s push on from here, we are in the process of change and growth.”