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Just married: RTE newsreader Aengus Mac Grianna is overjoyed as he ties the knot



RTE star Aengus Mac Grianna was overjoyed today as he married his partner Terry Gill.

The much-loved TV newsreader, 50, wed the alpaca farmer in a humanist celebration in Ballymagarvery village, Co Meath.

And the Celebrity Masterchef star was walked down the aisle by Anne Doyle after his mum died a number of years ago.

“My mom died a long time ago and I have known Anne for donkey’s years. From the very beginning she always looked out for me,” he explained.


Just married: Aengus and Anne with Terry and his mum Eva Gill | DMC PHOTOGRAPHY

“She has watched and guided me along the way and at key junctions in my life she has always been there. She has been a major influence on me. No one could emulate her – she’s a one-off.”

Loved-up Aengus was joined by a number colleagues from the RTE newsroom for the nuptials, which were attended by 150 people.

His fellow Masterchef contestants Tracy Piggott, Yvonne Keating and Maia Dunphy were also in attendance.

There was beautiful Irish music throughout the ceremony performed by musicians including Moya Brennan, who is an old friend of Aengus’, and Cormac de Barra.

Now Aengus and Terry, 40 – who first met in a Dublin pub – will jet to London later in the summer to make it official, due to Irish restrictions on gay marriage before honeymooning in Greece.


Happy couple: Aengus and Terry | DMC PHOTOGRAPHY

“It’s simply a question of equality,” he said. “All of my brothers and sisters are married and I don’t see any difference as to why I shouldn’t be allowed that too.

“I’m not prepared to take a lesser status… The only thing I can say is from my own experience being true to myself was the only way I knew I could be happy.

“I think whether you or straight or gay that’s the only way you can find happiness.”

And Aengus revealed that their wedding could have come earlier – but he refused to ask Terry for his hand in marriage.

“Given that it was two blokes, I said okay, ‘Just so there’s no confusion, you can ask me’,” he said.

“We had discussed where it was all going – and we knew that is what we would do – but in terms of the actual moment that was the plan: ‘You ask me’.”