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Johnny Ward reveals fan attacked him over Fair City storyline

"She started hitting me across the head"

Picture: Brian McEvoy

Fair City star Johnny Ward has revealed that his bad boy character on the show has let to some intense reactions from fans.

Johnny revealed that he had to flee from a petrol station after one fan became upset that his character his character Ciaran Holloway was kidnapping Katie O’Brien on the soap at the time.

“It’s very funny now looking back on I but I couldn’t believe it at the time,” he told The Irish Mirror.

“At first I thought she was joking but then realised she was serious.”

“We were doing that storyline and I remember going into the petrol station and topping up with diesel.”

“Then this woman said to me, ‘Are you your man?’ and I said I was. She went back to her car and told her husband, ‘It is him.’”


“The husband got out of the car and gave his wife her handbag and she started hitting me across the head with it. I thought, oh my God, this woman is crazy!”


“She said, ‘I’m sick of that that story, I’m sick of it! You have to let that girl go. I used to love Fair City and now I dread watching it because of you. You have turned it into a horror film that nobody wants to watch.’”

“I realised the woman was serious and just jumped into the car and drove off without paying. She was very, very upset.”

Johnny also played gangster Pauley in Love/Hate, and featured on the Irish version of Dancing With the Stars.