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John Kavanagh states his ‘#RepealThe8th’ stance showing brotherly love for James Kavanagh in Twitter clap-back

He isn't letting his little brother get "smacked around"!

INSTAGRAM: @JamesAlanKavanagh

John Kavanagh has shown his brotherly love for James Kavanagh by intervening in a Twitter spat in which someone said James “deserved to be smacked around.”

The threat was made by someone who disagreed with the Snapchat star’s view to repeal the 8th amendment in the upcoming election.

An Instagram user called Paul Whelan commented on an Instagram post in which James discussed his repeal stance and claimed that the presenter only wanted attention before threatening phsyical violence against him.

Tweeting the screenshots of the comments James said, “Why are anti-choice people so charming? ???? #RepealThe8th”

His brother, the MMA master Coach Kavanagh had his younger brother’s back and politely invited Paul to smack him around instead ni one of his SBG gyms, Conor McGregor’s training ground.

 John also announced that he shared his brother’s view on the upcoming abortion referendum and that he would be voting to repeal the 8th amendment.

“I’m voting yes Paul. I’ll be waiting [email protected]_Ireland for you to drop by to smack me around. #repealthe8th”

John and James are on a growing list of celebrities who have come out in favour of bringing Ireland’s abortion laws in line with more modern countries after the United Nations have said Irish laws are currently a women’s human rights abuse.

Amy Huberman, Cillian Murphy, Blindboy, Vogue Williams, Andrew Scott, Boy George and Gabriel Byrne have also said they will be voting yes in the upcoming referendum, while stars abroad like Laur Whitmore and Aisling Bea have urged people to use their vote in favour of repeal despite not being able to vote in London.