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Joanne Larby’s ex defends himself as he says he DIDN’T use her to get followers

The personal trainer said he never "physically hurt" her either


Joanne Larby’s ex boyfriend Paul Standell has responded to multiple claims he cheated on her, hurt her and used her for followers.

The London-based personal trainer had remained tight-lipped on social media this week, after Joanne announced she had to move home to Ireland after something “serious” happened.

After Joanne this week revealed she is very hurt of the break up, later deleting all traces of him off her social media, now Paul has responded.

Taking to Instagram, Paul claimed he received messages from Joanne’s followers, one calling him a “fa**ot”, while others claimed he cheated on Joanne, physically hurt her and used her for followers.

“I’ve found myself stuck between a rock and a hard place,” he said.

“I’m a little damned if I do and damned if I don’t. If I speak about anything, I’m accused of wanting attention and validating the claim that I was only ever interested in followers.

“And I I say nothing I am guilty of everything from cheating to physical violence,” he added.

“I get that you all love Joanne and will support her and hope she is ok. You should, she is a wonderful person with an amazing heart.

“But I did want to address a few of the worst things I hear,” he continued.

“At no point have I ever cheated, or been near it. There was no betrayal on either side here, so please respect that fact.

“At no point did I ever physically hurt Joanne, and to speculate is a cold and malicious accusation.

“And finally, I was never interested in Joanne for what she may have been able to help me achieve.

“I loved Joanne for who she was as a person, and I couldn’t have cared less what she did for a job.”

Joanne very quickly moved back to Ireland, just one week after moving in with her personal trainer beau.

Paul grew his following immensely during their relationship, but said he never asked for publicity.

“At no point in our relationship did I ever ask to be shared, spoken about or included in anything,” he said on his Instagram stories.

“That brought some great things and I’m not claiming they’ve not been beneficial to me at times.

“But it doesn’t follow that I was with her because of the benefits that come with what she does…”

“I am not going to speak about the reasons me and Joanne split up. I have no desire to share things that she doesn’t either,” he admitted.


“But I also don’t want to be falsely described as a terrible person that must be to blame for all of this.

“I’m hurting a lot and I’m trying to move on as best I can,” he added.