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Jess Redden wins praise online after opening up about disordered eating

Jess Redden has won praise online, after opening up about disordered eating on social media.

The 28-year-old moved to Australia with her Irish rugby star fiancé Rob Kearney in December, but is set to fly back to Ireland later this month.

In recent weeks, Jess has told her followers that she’s gained weight since moving Down Under, after becoming less restrictive with her diet.


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During a Q&A on Instagram last night, the model was asked if she’s “worried” she will want to lose the weight she gained in Australia once she returns home.

Jess then shared a before-and-after snap of herself, taken four months apart, and explained why that won’t be the case.

She wrote: “As humans we are easily conditioned – I fell in to years of an eating pattern that I now see was too restrictive and I am so grateful that another incredible by-product of this trip is the weight I have gained, 5kg up and one clothes size up too!”

“It felt good to donate all my smaller clothes but to answer your questions I wouldn’t say I am worried I back myself to maintain this healthier approach to diet & exercise.”

Jess admitted she was “nervous” to share the post, and added: “Ps please be kind – sharing anything weight related can be very triggering so as Bambi once said ‘if you have nothing nice to say place don’t say anything at all’.”

The Dublin native has since thanked her followers for sending her such supportive messages.

In a post shared on her Instagram feed this morning, Jess wrote: “I wasn’t planning on sharing too much of my weight gain journey online mostly because I’ve only starting to deal with it myself (offline!) and it can be extremely hard to have those conversations with yourself let alone sharing publicly…”

“However the overwhelming support and response I got moved me to tears (which is easily done at the moment 😆) but more than that my words and experience resonated with many people and again if I can help just one person by shining the spotlight on myself then I want to do that.”


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“It’s taken years for me to view how I ate as disordered I wasn’t fuelling my body adequately but was conditioned in to thinking this was normal,” she continued.

“Under-eating is not normal, our amazing bodies need the calories and nutrients to function optimally, if we are too restrictive in our eating patterns it can lead to deficiencies and can even affect our adrenal glands which control our hormone production.”

“The first step is wanting to change for yourself not because anyone else says you need to. From there take it day by day it will be uncomfortable at times but what success story doesn’t have setbacks and hard times?”

“You are stronger than your thinking habits re-wire those habits and you will be on the road to your healthiest self before you know it. Loads of love and thank you once again for the support,” she added.


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A host of well-known faces praised Jess in the comment section, including Doireann Garrihy who commented: “Can’t begin to imagine how many women (and men!) this will help. It’s YOUR journey, so brave and selfless to share it Jess.”

Influencer Louise Cooney wrote: “Incredible!! You beauty! Fair play for sharing.”

Bonnie Ryan also commented: “You always look beautiful Jess, well done.”

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