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Jess Redden admits she’s ‘anxious’ about returning to Ireland after spending months in Australia

Jess Redden has admitted she’s “anxious” about returning to Ireland, after spending months living in Australia.

The model moved to Perth with her fiancé Rob Kearney in December, after the rugby player signed a contract with Australian club Western Force last year.

However, the 28-year-old is set to return to Ireland next week to complete her pharmaceutical studies.

Speaking on her Instagram Story today, Jess said: “I cannot believe that it is my last weekend in Perth.”

“I haven’t been sleeping that well this week because I just feel a bit anxious about going home…”

“But I feel another benefit of this trip that I am definitely learning to deal with my anxiety so much better.”

“Before I think I tried to just push it all away and pretend that it wasn’t happening, but of course sooner or later it just all bubbles up and then you become really overwhelmed,” she explained.

After waking up feeling anxious, Jess went out and got some fresh air which made her feel a bit better.

She added the caption: “Trying to just live in the moment and not stress or become fixated with the past and equally not worrying about the future.”


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