Jeremy McConnell opens up about becoming a father for a second time

The Dubliner is dating lawyer Katie McCreath


Jeremy McConnell has opened up about becoming a father for a second time.

The reality star has finally settled down after a rocky few years, which resulted in him being jailed in 2017.

The former model was sentenced to 18 weeks in prison, after he failed to show up for community service – which he was ordered to complete after he attacked his now ex-girlfriend Stephanie Davis while she was holding their son, Caben.

Jeremy has since changed his ways, and is now expecting a baby with his current girlfriend Katie McCreath.


Speaking to Closer magazine, Jeremy said: “Today, I have everything I’ve ever wanted. I’m healthy, I’m in a stable relationship and I have a baby girl on the way.”

“But I do look back and think ‘What the f*ck was all that?’ I don’t relate to the person I used to be, and prison was the biggest wake-up call.”

“I wanted to set out and be a better father to my son in the future, and I had to change my ways. I haven’t touched drugs since leaving prison.”

Speaking about his girlfriend Katie, he said: “Katie was the only person to visit me while I was locked up. She’s been the most constant thing in my life and the biggest support structure.”

Katie also joined Jeremy for the interview, and opened up about how they met.

It was previously reported that Katie was Jeremy’s lawyer when he went to prison back in 2017, but that isn’t actually the case.

“I hadn’t watched Big Brother and I had to look up Jeremy on Wikipedia, so I had no preconceived ideas. To me, he is just Jeremy,” Katie said.


“The biggest misconception is that I was his lawyer, but I’m actually head of the defence firm that was dealing with his matter – I wasn’t representing him personally. My area of expertise is financial and serious crime in the higher courts.”

Katie also revealed that they had moved in together before things became “romantic”.

“We slept in separate rooms and had nights in chatting and belly laughing. He fitted in with my friends and family and threw himself into looking after my horses and animals,” she said,

“Eventually, things turned romantic and it felt natural because of how well we knew each other – he’s just my best friend.”

During the interview, the couple also revealed that they suffered a tragic miscarriage earlier this year, which made McCreath realise she wanted a family.

“I suffered a miscarriage and it was heartbreaking. Jeremy couldn’t have been more supportive and it really upset us both. I hadn’t thought about children, as I’m massively career-driven, but after experiencing the loss of one, I realised I wanted a family.”