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Jenny Dixon speaks out for the first time – after Fair City character is MURDERED in shock twist

The actress' character has been killed off the show


Jenny Dixon has spoke out for the first time since her character was killed off Fair City last night.

The actress has played the role of Kerri-Ann since 2013, however, Jenny has bid farewell to her beloved character as she was brutally murdered by Aoife during Wednesday night’s episode.

Speaking about filming her final scenes as Kerri-Ann, Jenny said: “I was emotional, exhausted and excited! It was a nice day, it felt kind of epic, a sense of completion of a five year role.

“I was also presented with the most beautiful bouquet of flowers from the producers, there was a speech, lovely gifts and cards, and a wrap party. It was quite special.”

The blonde beauty explained: “Coming into my fifth season with the show, I knew it’d be a rollercoaster of a year, and a wrap with Fair City.”

“I had a sit down with the writers and executive producer and felt that we’d covered so much ground with the character of Kerri-Ann that it felt fitting to have a big, dramatic exit, rather than an extended background stay in prison.”

When asked what she’ll miss most about the show, the newly engaged star said: “The close camaraderie that forms when you spend 12+ hours a day on set with a core group of people who become family.”

On who she’ll miss most, Jenny gushed: “I have a family there that I’m taking with me! We all celebrated at the wrap party in Lillie’s after the episode and there was so much love there.”

“The ones I worked most with obviously, my TV hubby Dave (O’Sullivan), George (McMahon), Stef (Kelly), Martha (Fitzpatrick), Rodrigo (Ternevoy), Martina (Stanley), Aisling (O’Neill) are core family, there for each other, but really there’s so many more cast, crew, directors, writers who just light up my day when I see them too.”


As for her favourite moments on set, Jenny said: “The laughs between scenes are great. We work such long days that having that belly laugh every now and then is a gift!”

“Around the time of the deep snow myself, Dave O’Sullivan (Decco Bishop) and George McMahon (Mondo O’Connell) had been crying with laughter at times, seconds before going into a scene, which conveniently kept us warm while filming outside that winter!”

“We’ve had days where we sang a lot, (randomly!) myself and Rodrigo Ternevoy (Cristiano San Martin), and myself and Mick Nolan (Ray O’Connell), just singing anything and everything to keep us energised throughout the day!”

“The wedding scenes were also super to film, it was such a hot day in August that it felt like we were at a real wedding! It also had a feature film feel to it, as there were so many additional cast and crew there on the day,” she said.

As for what’s next for Jenny, who recently got engaged to Fine Gael TD Tom Neville, she said: “I’ve had some really interesting meetings, so there are potentially things in the pipeline which I’m excited about. It’s a really exciting time!”

Jenny Dixon and Tom Neville at the Gossies Awards 2018 | Brian McEvoy