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Jennifer Zamparelli shares ‘epic’ moment her husband Lau saved their daughter from falling

Jennifer Zamparelli has shared a video of the “epic” moment her husband Lau saved their daughter from falling off her scooter.

The presenter was talking about parenting fails on her RTÉ 2fm show when she was reminded of the time they almost “ended up in A&E” with Florence.

Sharing the video on Instagram, the mother-of-two wrote: “Talking parenting fails on air today. Here is one of our parenting fails caught on camera. First time scoot no helmet. Nearly ended up in A and E. Side note – epic save by @zampers1.”


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Speaking on her radio show, Jennifer explained the funny story behind the video.

The 41-year-old said: “I remember when Florence was about two-and-a-half, somebody threw a scooter in a bush….. and we took it to the park with Florence.”

“[We thought], ‘We’ll teach her to scoot, this is amazing, you know she never wants to walk anywhere anyway, let’s teach her to scoot! All the kids are on scooters, god we are great parents’…”

Jennifer and Lau put Florence on the scooter and gave her a little push, but soon realised they made a huge mistake.

The couple put her on the top of a hill on the scooter and gave her a push but didn’t anticipate what was to come.

“She went too fast, I never saw Lau run as fast to save our child’s life because she clipped a stone and went flying,” she explained.

“And he grabbed her just before she whacked her head off the ground and probably would of ended up in A&E.”

The TV presenter shares two kids with her husband Lau – Florence, who’s now 6, and Enzo, 3.


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