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Jennifer Zamparelli reveals she was trolled for encouraging people to wear masks

The RTÉ star received some nasty comments online

Credit: Kieran Harnett

Jennifer Zamparelli has revealed she was trolled for encouraging people to wear masks on social media.

Back in June, the 2FM presenter posted a photo of her and her kids wearing masks while out and about in Dublin – and she asked her followers to consider doing the same.

Jen captioned the post: “Three separate studies found routine wearing of masks can curb Covid 19 yet nearly 70 % of the population will not wear one when they go out?? Is it comfort, is it the look? Why wouldn’t you if it can save lives?”

Unfortunately, Jen’s post sparked some backlash at the time.


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Speaking to the Irish Sun, the mum-of-two said: “I’ve had somebody call me the C word for putting up a post about my mask.”

“They’re saying who am I to be telling people what to do, I’m not a doctor. But that person is not in a good place, it comes from a place of fear.”

Jennifer also opened up about her time in lockdown, and admitted she initially struggled with the thoughts of recording her radio show from home.

She explained: “At the beginning it was really scary and I was digging my heels in because I thought I can’t do this with two kids at home.”

Credit: Kieran Harnett

“I literally can’t do a three-hour talk show with toddlers in the house. There was also all the uncertainty, and having to work on communication. I’ve never been on so many Whatsapp groups in my life.”

“It was funny because if I had a guest on, if their kid made any noise they’d be quite anxious about it. I was like: ‘listen, you’re going to hear my kids screaming in a minute.'”

“I think the listeners quickly got used to it. And I think they really related to it because so many people were at home trying to work with their kids crawling all over them.”

Jennifer also said she loved getting to spend more time with her children in the mornings.

“I would do a lot of prep with them beside me in the mornings. We had a nice routine. I think it was lovely to see them because Enzo would normally be in childcare and Florence is in montessori,” she said.

“We really got to know one another on a daily basis. There was more play time, and my son was having a bit of trouble with pronunciation and getting his words so we got to work on that.”

“I loved that part of it. Jesus, being at home with my kids was just a dream. And my husband works in film and all that had stopped, so we were all together at home.”