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Jennifer Zamparelli reveals if she’ll be back on DWTS this weekend after contracting Covid-19

Jennifer Zamparelli has revealed if she’ll be back on Dancing With The Stars this weekend, after contracting Covid-19.

The TV presenter, who co-hosts the programme with Nicky Byrne, had to pull out of the show last Sunday after testing positive for the virus.

The RTÉ star has also been absent from her 2fm radio show this week, as she recovers from the virus at home in isolation.

Jennifer Zamparelli and Nicky Byrne | KOBPIX

After contracting the virus, Jennifer had initially planned to host her radio show from home, but plans changed following an “incident” involving one of her children.

The broadcaster shares two kids – Florence, 6, and Enzo, 3 – with her husband Lau Zamparelli.

Speaking on her Instagram Story on Wednesday night, Jennifer said: “I couldn’t go on air today because I had a little incident in the house with one of the kids.”

“Luckily he’s fine, but it was just me trying to juggle a million balls and then they all came crashing down on my face!”

The mother-of-two continued: “So I just need to focus on what I need to focus on right now, and mind my kids and get through this and not try to do everything at the same time.”

Confirming her return to Dancing With The Stars on Sunday, she added: “I’ll be back on Dancing With the Stars on Sunday. Please God, please God!”

“And I’ll be back on air on Monday. In the meantime, thank you for all your messages and stay safe!”

After testing positive for Covid-19, Jennifer was replaced by Lottie Ryan on DWTS last week, who co-hosted the show with Nicky Byrne.

Lottie Ryan and Nicky Byrne | KOBPIX

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