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Jennifer Zamparelli responds to backlash after promoting anti-mask debate on 2FM

The presenter invited anti-maskers on her show

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Jennifer Zamparelli has responded to backlash after she promoted an upcoming segment on her 2FM show that will focus on anti-maskers.

Taking to Twitter the Dublin presenter had asked those who are refusing to wear masks during the coronavirus pandemic to get in touch.

Inviting anti-maskers on to the programme caused uproar on social media, with many believing they shouldn’t be given a platform, given that mask wearing is mandatory and has been proven to slow the spread of the deadly virus.

Anti-mask protests have gained huge criticism online, with many slamming the likes of Jim Corr for endangering the population by refusing to wear face coverings.

Taking to the social media network some users blasted the upcoming segment as “irresponsible” with people comparing the discussion to other dangerous topics.

Responding to dozens of complaints, Jennifer defended her decision to go ahead with the segment on Tuesday’s episode, slamming the response online as “abuse”.

“Wow so much abuse so few characters,” she wrote on Twitter.

“Firstly considering the protests on the weekend we want to look at the psychology behind someone who does not wear a mask despite the overwhelming medical advice.

“Wearing a mask is not a debate. No one said that,” she added.

Jennifer, 40, added that she wants to find out why anti-maskers think the way they do.

She then confirmed that the segment will go ahead from 9am, despite calls to change the discussion.

It comes after former Big Brother star DJ Spiral was slammed online for refusing to wearing a mask in LIDL.