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Jennifer Zamparelli dishes out REAL motherhood advice


Jennifer Zamparelli has dished out some real advice on motherhood.

The Bridget and Eamon star, who welcomed her first child Florence last year with her husband Lau, has admitted that becoming a mother can result in losing some friends – but it’s also “the best crack in the world”.

“Nobody tells you that you may lose some friends, nobody tells you that you become ruthless with your time, but nobody tells you that it’s the best crack in the world,” she told the Sunday Independent.

“That you actually become closer to your other half and nobody can make you laugh like that little person.”

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Getting real: Jen dished out real advice on motherhood | VIPIRELAND.COM

When asked why she lost friends, Jen said, “Maybe it doesn’t suit them or their lifestyle, but I am happy to lose those friends. I will hang onto the ones that really matter.

“Because, at the end of the day, you probably do, for a while, become a terrible friend, because if something happens the baby you are going to ditch that friend, and if they don’t have kids, they don’t understand,” she admitted.

The 2FM Breakfast Republic host said if your friend isn’t willing to stick around during tough times – then they’re not really your friend at all.

“People should be a bit more understanding, I suppose, but if they are not willing to stick around and help you through that, because it’s a tough time and your emotions are all over their place, then they are not worth having around in the first place.”

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Good riddance: Jen has lost some friends since becoming a mum – but it’s for the best | VIPIRELAND.COM

The RTÉ star also revealed that she gets frustrated with the pressure she gets put under when asked about having a second baby, but it’s all about finding the right balance – and telling everyone to “f**k off” every now and again.

“It does bother me because it’s nobody’s fucking business, and if I want to have one, I will.

“There is pressure from every angle. You don’t want to let your work down, you don’t want to let your child down. It’s just about dealing with that and finding a balance and saying to everybody, ‘F**k off, I am doing me best’,” she added.