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Jennifer Zamparelli: ‘I cry on the way to work over the guilt of leaving my baby’

Jennifer Zamparelli has admitted she has often cried on her way to work – over guilt pangs she has from leaving her daughter.

The Republic of Telly star returned to work on her 2FM show Breakfast Republic as well as her new series Bridget and Eamon after giving birth to her daughter Florence.

Speaking to the Sunday Independent, Jennifer revealed she’s become more of a worrier now that she is a mum, and she questions whether she made the right decision to be a working mother.

“I never was a worrier and now I find myself going to bed getting little pangs of anxiety,” she admitted.

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“You just become more aware of what’s going on, and every time I drive into the RTE car park I ask myself ‘am I doing the right thing?’

“‘Working and having a kid?’ Because you just have this new thing called guilt.

“Every.Single.Day. I’s great fun,” she joked.

Jennifer co-hosts Breakfast Republic with Bernard O’Shea and Keith Walsh and wakes up at half five every weekday morning.

“I get up at half five, I brush my teeth, I have a pang of guilt,” she said.

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“I go downstairs, have a coffee, have a little guilt with the coffee. I go into work in the car, have that conversation with myself: guilt, guilt, guilt,” she explained.

Jennifer admitted she has broken down in tears in between her busy schedule and finding time to spend with her daughter Florence and husband Lau.

“It happened the last time when I was filming Series One (of Bridge and Eamon).


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“I got home late and I hadn’t seen her all day, and the next day I went into the radio and I didn’t see her the day after that and that killed me.

“I was driving home and I was asking Lau to keep her awake for me. It was just for my own…so I could see her but she was knackered and Lau was like ‘it’s not fair on her’,” she explained.


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