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Jedward reveal this Christmas will be ’emotional’ without their beloved mum

Their mother passed away last year following a long battle with cancer

Jedward with their late mother Susanna

Jedward have revealed this Christmas will be “emotional” without their beloved mum.

The pop duo, otherwise known as John and Edward Grimes, lost their mother Susanna in February 2019 – after a long battle with cancer.

Speaking to VIP magazine, the twins said “everything has changed” since their mum passed away.

John said: “Normally your mom is the head of Christmas. The fact she’s no longer here means that everything is changed.”

Edward explained: “We’ll have moments where we think of her and talk about it, and I feel like there will be tears at the dinner table, it will be emotional.”

“But we’ll definitely honour her on the day. She is such a big part of who we are; she still is and always will be.”

Edward continued: “I love when I have a dream about our mom; that feeling that you’re in the same room again.”

“I know it’s just your thoughts but it really lifts me to start my day when I dream about her.”

“Our mom loved to buy all sorts of furniture, mirrors, sets of chairs, even a grandfather clock. She told us that we would keep them and think of her in our own homes.”

“Our mom isn’t here physically but she’s definitely here in spirit. Even in how we are as people and how we go about things.”

“When you lose someone you love, you have to think about their whole life, not just them not being here, and everything they brought to the world,” he added.