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Jedward MOCK Bianca Gascoigne and Jamie O’Hara’s ‘wannabe’ relationship

The twins don't hold back in the diary room


Jedward have mocked┬áBianca Gascoigne and Jamie O’Hara’s ‘wannabe’ relationship.

Celebrity Big Brother’s newest romance has stirred a lot of drama in the house – especially after it was revealed that Bianca had a boyfriend on the outside.

“We know love stories, we know romantic movies – this is a joke,” Edward said.

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Wannabe: Jedward hit out at Jamie and Bianca | CHANNEL 5

Almost everyone in the house has commented on Bianca and Jamie’s relationship – but Jedward have made their opinion on it very clear in their diary room rant which airs tonight.

Talking about tonight’s upcoming eviction, Edward said “I will rock it like no tomorrow, I’ll be like ‘What’s up b*****s? What are you doing too me? Take that, look at me in my skinny jeans, look at my awesome hair.’

“I will own every single one of those losers in there and they’re wannabe storylines. It’s so boring, they’re not even trying.”

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Mocked: The twins mimicked Jamie and Bianca’s voices | CHANNEL 5

In a clip obtained by The Sun, Jedward then go on to mock a conversation between Bianca and Jamie and mimicked their voices.

“We’re just so important, our storyline is really crucial to the show,” Edward said mimicking Bianca’s voice.

John also joined in on mocking the former model and mimicked her saying, “I’m in bed with you now.”

Watch their diary room rant and the live eviction tonight on 3e from 9pm.