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Jedward ‘glad’ people see them in a ‘different light’ – after receiving praise on social media

The Irish twins have used their social media platforms to speak out on a number of topical issues


Jedward have admitted they’re “glad” people see them in a “different light”, after receiving praise on social media over the past year.

The Irish twins shot to fame on The X Factor back in 2009, and were best known for their blonde quiffs, matching outfits and energetic personalities.

Since then, John and Edward Grimes have been dubbed the unsung heroes of the coronavirus pandemic, as they’ve used their platform to speak out on a range of topical issues over the past few months.

Speaking to VIP Magazine, John said: “I think it’s great that we can use Twitter to change people’s outlook and make them see us in a different light.”

“Me and Edward aren’t what people think. A lot of people pre-judge us, and there’s so much more to us,” the 29-year-old explained.

“This year, obviously so much was happening in the news and we decided to say how we were feeling about it all.”

From the Black Lives Matter movement, wearing face masks, to slamming influencers for travelling abroad, the Irish twins have had their say on the biggest stories hitting the headlines.

Edward added: “We’re not experts but anything we’ve tweeted has come from a genuine place. We think it hits harder for people when it’s not coming from a politician too!”

“We don’t have a hidden agenda, we’re not looking for votes or to be re-elected – we’re just coming from a human perspective. People started sharing private messages we sent them too, but the thing is, we’ve been doing that for fans all our lives!”


John said: “Behind the scenes, we’ve been there for so many fans who have been going through a tough time.”

“We’ve picked them up at their lowest and helped them to come out the other end. We really care about our fans, we always have time for them.”

Addressing the praise they received following their appearance on The Late Late Show last year, Edward said: “For me and John, yes we’ve done music and tv, but it’s so nice when people get us for who we are before anything else.”


“We’re glad that people have a better understanding of us. Usually with creative people, they over think things and situations and can have a particularly hard time.”

Jedward | Brian McEvoy

“Growing up, we didn’t have the most perfect time in school, and just in general, but I feel like it made us evolve with our emotions and learn coping mechanisms for when people come at us. It made us develop as people.”

Ahead of their 30th birthday this October, the twins also reassured fans that hitting the milestone age would not change who they are.

Edward said: “We’ve never lost our fun-ness, or gotten really serious over the years. I mean, we’re grown up, we’re just not boring.”

John added: “So, yeah, turning 30 is a milestone but we’re not going to drastically change or anything. We’ll ease into it. Maybe rock a bit of stubble, give the ladies what they want!”