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Jedward boast about their incredible sex stamina


John and Edward Grimes, aka Jedward, have boasted about their skills in the bedroom.

The Irish twins are taking part in a new MTV dating series called Single AF – and have admitted that they definitely kiss on the first date.

Speaking to The Sun about his skills in the bedroom, John said, “I can definitely go for longer than an hour.”

“If I can perform on stage for almost three hours – performing in the bedroom is nothing to me.”

Meanwhile, John’s twin Edward explained why kissing on the first date is important “before you commit”.

“Who wouldn’t want to kiss on a first date? What’s the big deal? You’ve got to taste the flavour before you commit.

“We’re definitely going to be kissing on first dates. In fact, I want to win the MTV Award for best kiss — and I want our music to play during my make-out sessions.”

“I want someone who has something going on in their eyes — and I want someone with a brain,” Edward said. “What really attracts me to a girl is their soul.”

“I want to connect someone on a romantic level. I’m looking for a girl who is funny and pleasant and who chooses happiness over drama,” John added.

“I feel as though this is our Titanic/Notebook moment but on a TV show.”

Follow Jedward’s dating journey and help them find love on MTV’s Single AF #mtvsingleAF.

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