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Jedward address rumours surrounding their sexuality in new interview

The twins have addressed the speculation


Jedward have addressed rumours surrounding their sexuality in a new interview, and insisted that they date girls.

Ahead of their debut on new MTV dating show Single AF, X Factor duo John and Edward Grimes have revealed that they’ve had relationships with women in the past, but have always kept their love life private.

Speaking to The Sun, Edward said, “We meet girls all the time. Our fans have always know who we are. But others knows a different type of Jedward on from the different shows.

“I think because on stage we wear sequins people go ‘oh they must be a bit out there’. We never tone ourselves down. We’re not lad lads but we’re comfortable enough to just be on stage and do Prince vibes.”

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John said, “We don’t let that stop us. We do whatever what we want to do. We know who we are and what we are a lot of guys try so hard to be masculine and we’re able to have stubble and play guitar.

“We have had relationships. I’ve had two long-term relationships that were private. That wasn’t part of my career.”

Edward explained that they never felt obliged to open up about their love life, despite rumours surrounding their sexuality.

“We have had relationships, but it’s never been our number one priority to showcase them. It’s like a career movement that me and John were never like.”

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“Other people who are ‘oh God let’s do the OK! spread, let’s tell them about the break-up, the marriage, the kids’, that was never us.”

“Girls are more career driven like ‘oh I want to do this’. But it’s nice now because this programme (Single AF) takes the edge off us being so public with our private lives.”

Single AF premieres on MTV on Tuesday at 10pm on MTV.