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Jamie Dornan reveals he’s writing a script for a new movie

The Irish actor has been keeping busy during lockdown


Jamie Dornan has revealed that he’s been writing a script for an upcoming movie set in Belfast.

The Irish heartthrob kept busy during the coronavirus lockdown – spending his time writing, and homeschooling his three children.

Speaking to Philip Reynolds on The Lockdown Podcast, the 38-year old said: “I’ve written two scripts during lockdown.”

“I’m glad I’ve taken the risk to do it and put my time and energy into doing it [writing scripts] when I wasn’t homeschooling the kids. One I’ve written with a mate of mine from Belfast and it’s getting a bit of traction.”


“We’re tidying up our third draft of it now and you do get a bit ahead of yourself thinking of locations, it’s all set in Belfast… but we just want to make sure we have it right and have the script down and something we are very proud of,” he explained.

“We’ve got a little bit of a plan but two years would be kind of brilliant.”

“Because it’s all set there a Belfast premiere would be quite fun actually, QFT (Queen’s Film Theatre) or something.”

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The Fifty Shades star also said he was grateful for the time he’s had with his family during lockdown.

The actor shares three children – Dulcie, Elva and Alberta – with his wife Amelia. 

“I’ve spent so much time with my family, my kids more so than I usually would over a four month stretch so that’s a very positive thing,” he said.

“The homeschooling was the interesting bit, thankfully our eldest is only six so the sort of schooling she is doing is about my level of education, it’s about all I can handle,” he laughed. “But I’ve loved that aspect of it.”


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