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Jamie Dornan opens up about losing his mother at just sixteen


Jamie Dornan has opened up about his mother’s tragic death when he was just 16-years-old.

The Belfast native revealed that after he lost his mother to cancer, and then tragically lost four friends in a car accident just a year later.

“It was horrific, horrific. I’m not sure you’re ever through it,” he said.

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Death: Jamie lost his mother and four friends in a very short time | BBC

The actor admitted that because of the emotional hardship of losing so many loved ones in such a short space of time, he turned to booze.

“I remember a summer when I was 19 and I’d left university, the University of Teesside, where I did one year of a marketing degree,” he told The Times Magazine.

“And I came out having failed every exam I took going, ‘Jesus. Okay, right, something needs to change here.’

“So I was feeling pretty sorry for myself. I drank a lot that summer.”

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Tennis: The actor’s father urged him to do something so he ended up de-stringing a tennis racket | VIPIRELAND.COM

Jamie also admitted that his father was the one who urged him to do something with his life.

“My dad came home one day, and he’d been on at me about doing something: ‘Will you just do something? Will you come home when you’ve achieved something?’

“So one day, we’d played some tennis and I’d broken a string, and I’d spent the rest of the day very slowly, very deliberately de-stringing the racket with some pliers.

“When Dad came home, he was like, ‘So what did you do?’ I was just sitting there, with a racket with no strings.”