Jamie Dornan: ‘I don’t enjoy working out for Fifty Shades topless scenes’

The actor admits his exercise regime takes up a lot of his time


Jamie Dornan has admitted that he doesn’t enjoy the time he spends working out for his Fifty Shades topless scenes.

The actor stars as the powerful Christian Grey alongside Dakota Johnson who plays the submissive Anastasia Steele.

“Fifty Shades speaks for itself and I have to work out a lot. I don’t enjoy it massively and it takes up so much time,” he said.


Working out: Jamie doesn’t like being away from family but admitted Fifty Shades has opened doors for him | NETFLIX

The Belfast native revealed he would rather spend his time with family – but also admitted that Fifty Shades has opened a lot of doors for him.

“Going to the gym, when I’d rather be with my two young kids. But I never watch what I eat. I am terrible about that. I eat a lot of s*** food,” he told the Irish Daily Mail.

“But Fifty Shades changed my life in certain ways – a lot of people know who I am as a result of it. It opens doors in the industry and I have to be honest, if you are in a movie that makes over $500m at the box office, that really helps your career.

“You can get things like The Siege of Jadotville made, based on your involvement. I wouldn’t have been able to do the kinds of projects I was desperate to do had I not been in a movie that made so much money.”