Jamie Dornan, Aidan Turner and Cillian Murphy among the 100 Sexiest Men for 2017

It's a great year for the Irish


Irish actors Jamie Dornan, Aidan Turner and Cillian Murphy have been chosen as three of the sexiest men to watch in 2017.

County Cork native Cillian Murphy ranked number 52 in Glamour’s 100 Sexiest Men 2017. In between number 53 Arctic Monkeys frontman Alex Turner, and number 51 actor Brad Pitt.

Aidan Turner, star of Poldark, comes in at an impressive number 2 on the list. The Dublin actor was ranked as number 1 in the 2016 list.

aidan turner

Number 2: Aidan Turner comes in second place in the Top 100 Sexiest men for 2017 | BBC

Finally, Belfast native Jamie Dornan snags the number 1 spot as King Of Hotness for 2017.

The Fifty Shades of Grey star was also crowned as Glamour’s Sexiest Man in 2015, and he also made the list in 2016.

Jamie’s career has skyrocketed since scoring the role of Christian Grey in the Fifty Shades franchise. The sequel is hitting cinemas on Valentine’s Day 2017.

Check out the full list of the 100 Sexiest Men 2017 HERE.


Number 1: Jamie Dornan has been crowned as King of Hotness for 2017 | UNIVERSAL