James Patrice welcomes High Court ruling making Facebook name people who trolled Lisa McGowan

The influencer wants to take legal action against online trolls


James Patrice has spoken out about a recent High Court ruling, ordering Facebook to name people who have trolled Lisa McGowan online.

Earlier this week, the popular Irish influencer secured High Court orders requiring Facebook to provide her with information to identify anonymous persons she claims are trolling, defaming and stalking her online.

Speaking on the Jennifer Zamparelli show on RTÉ 2FM this morning, James opened up about his own experience with trolling, and said he’s received cruel comments about his weight and sexuality on social media.

When asked if he welcomes the High Court decision, James replied: “I do definitely.”

He continued: “Because as I said those frivolous throwaway comments that I have gotten wouldn’t be ultimately too detrimental… but for the likes of Lisa, if she’s there having personal information shared, if she’s having her business threatened..”

“Ah come on, just because it is someone online, doesn’t mean that it doesn’t count. It very much does count.”

“If something like that is being so detrimental to her livelihood, and to her family and that, then my god.”

“Because all those things culminate, they all come back on that one person who is sitting there reading those comments and whose experiencing them, so definitely [I welcome the decision].”

Lisa McGowan has launched a high court bid against Facebook

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