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James Patrice hits out at ‘disgusting’ homophobic trolls

James Patrice has hit out at “disgusting” homophobic trolls.

The RTÉ star revealed he is proud of how progressive Ireland has become, however added that we need to continue to an LGBTQ+ dialogue because there is still “ignorance and cowardice” among us.

Speaking to RSVP magazine, the social media sensation said, “Ireland is of course so progressive and we have come on leaps and bounds, there is no denying that whatsoever and 99% of the time it is fantastic.”

“But unfortunately, there are people who use their time to troll online, heckle in the street or, in some worst cases, physically abuse others.”

“They are cowards,” he continued. “They are looking for an outlet for their own insecurity and issues and they shouldn’t be taking it out on people because of their sexuality. It’s disgusting, really.”

James has urged people to speak up against homophobia, and transphobia as he revealed he still faces backlash from trolls for being “too queer.”

“Complacency can be compliance sometimes. If you witness something and don’t speak up, that’s wrong as well,” the star said.

“But I always say speak up if you feel safe enough to do so, never put yourself in a dangerous situation either.”

“If you hear flippant remarks – yes they are throwaway comments, but if you hear those enough, they can become part of your psyche and your own mentality, especially if it’s amongst your peers,” James explained.

“We need to keep conversations going, and be mindful of how we speak and talk about things because words can have an impact.”

He added, “It’s just about being mindful and generally being feckin’ sound.”


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James, who is famed for his hilarious ‘Malahide Woman’ skits, revealed the person began “as a random idea in my head.”

“I was dressed all in white one day and thought to myself, ‘I feel like a Malahide woman dressed for tennis.'”

“She has definitely grown very long-heeled legs. There’s no stopping her and I think she has more rails of clothes than I do at this stage,” he joked.

“Plus, her hair is getting bigger. It’s lovely to have her so well received.”


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