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Irish teenager becomes viral sensation – after sharing collection of over 37,000 tadpoles online

People are loving her daily videos


An Irish teenager has become a viral sensation, after she shared her collection of over 37,000 tadpoles online.

Amid the coronavirus pandemic, Hannah McSorley has been posting TikTok videos of the thousands of tadpoles she has been taking care of – and fans can’t get enough of it.

At present, the 17-year-old has over 535,000 followers on TikTok as @.baby.frogs – and she’s also landed a deal with a US influencer agency.

“I’m honestly amazed by the following I have,” she revealed to The Guardian.

@.baby.frogsThis is how big the 37,927 baby frogs will be soon!???????? ##tadpoles ##frogspawn ##frogs ##frog ##pool ##nature ##wildlife ##motherfrog ##summer ##xyzbca ##viral♬ What If (I Told You I Like You) – Johnny Orlando & Mackenzie Ziegler

“It’s just the simple things: tadpoles, frogs. People find it fascinating,” she added.

Hannah’s project began in late March, when she found some frogspawn and decided to bring them home in a glass jar.

She then made a home for the tadpoles by filling a large plastic container with water, pond silt, rocks and mud.

The Tyrone native has attracted many fans worldwide, including Picture This frontman Ryan Hennessy.

He tweeted: “That girl on TikTok raising 37,927 tadpoles in her back garden is the most wholesome and simultaneously chaotic behaviour I’ve ever seen. I genuinely have no choice but to stan.”

Although people are loving Hannah’s videos, some have grown concerned about the amount of frogs that will be set free in Derry.

See how people are reacting on Twitter below: