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Irish stars react as Sarah Everard case sparks important conversation about women’s safety

A number of Irish stars have reacted to the disappearance of Sarah Everard in the UK, as the case has sparked an important conversation about women’s safety.

The 33-year-old went missing on March 3, after she left a friend’s house in south London at around 9pm.

A male police officer has since been arrested on suspicion of her murder, after human remains were discovered in an area of woodland in Kent.

Sarah’s disappearance has highlighted the dangers women face on a daily basis, whether they’re walking home from work, or simply popping to the shop.

Many women have since taken to Twitter to share their own experiences of feeling unsafe in public, and slammed any suggestion that Sarah made a “poor decision” to walk home alone at night.

Irish singer Imelda May tweeted: “I don’t know any woman who doesn’t fear for her safety as part of daily life.”

“We consider routes, wearing headphones, cab registrations, street lights, parking car by day and how to walk to it at night, keys in hand just in case etc.. Victims are not the problem! #SarahEverard.”

Radio presenter Louise McSharry also reacted to the case on social media by tweeting: “It is absolutely exhausting to be a woman. Exhausting.”

The RTÉ 2fm star also shared a piece she wrote back in 2017, in response to the #MeToo movement.

Louise tweeted: “I wrote this in 2017, wearily referencing women having done the same outpouring of horrific experiences with men in 2014, and before that again, and here we are doing it again in 2021. Can you see why we’re tired?”

“I could literally write this again today. When will we confront the fact that male violence needs to be dealt with via a new approach that starts early in their lives? There is something wrong here, something terribly wrong, and women can’t solve it because god knows we’ve tried.”

Amid the online conversation surrounding women’s safety, the hashtag #NotAllMen has started trending on Twitter.

Broadcaster Keith Walsh criticised the #NotAllMen sentiment by retweeting a post which said: “…Seeing the #NotAllMen rear it’s head around the Sarah Everard story is pathetic. Everyone knows it’s not all of us but it pretty much always is one of us. Now’s not the time to be looking for praise for not abducting someone, f***ing weirdos.”

The father-of-two then tweeted: “As a man I mostly get to go wherever I want, whenever I want, without worrying about being attacked. It’s a luxury, a privilege. I’m very lucky.”

“It’s very sad that women don’t have the same freedom. This effectively makes them second class citizens. Men need to do better.”

Derry Girls writer Lisa McGee has also shared her thoughts on the case on social media.

Last night, she tweeted: “The rage in me tonight #SarahEverard.”

Lisa also retweeted a post by Nadine Shah, who wrote: “We should be able to f***ing walk home without going missing.”


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