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Irish stars condemn ‘anti-lockdown protest’ amid frightening scenes on Dublin’s Grafton Street

A host of well-known faces have condemned a group of anti-lockdown protestors, after chaos erupted on Dublin’s Grafton Street this afternoon.

Videos posted on social media show mask-less protestors shouting obscenities at the Gardaí, before a firework was aimed at an officer’s face.

Gardaí then instituted a baton charge, and its understood a number of people have been arrested.

A number of famous faces have shared their disgust over the scenes on social media, including Claudine Keane and Greg O’Shea.

Claudine tweeted: “Very sad to see the scenes going on in Grafton street Pensive face hard to watch the video circulating #Graftonstreet.”

Meanwhile, Greg wrote: “Shocking to see the ‘protests’ in Dublin today. So pointless and are just gonna delay the whole situation. Also attacking the Gardaí when they are only doing their job, shameful.”

Broadcasters Matt Cooper and Maia Dunphy have condemned the frightening scenes on Twitter too.

Maia tweeted: “Absolute scumbags. Have already seen the edited version which conveniently cuts out the part where this reckless a***hole could have blinded someone.”

Influencer Holly Carpenter also described the situation as “scary” in a post shared on Twitter.

A number of public figures have also reacted to the situation on social media.

Minister Simon Harris tweeted: “Pure thuggery on the streets of Dublin today. It’s not a ‘protest’. It’s an attack on our national effort.”

“The abuse directed at the Gardai is sickening & shameful. Disgraceful. Thoughts with the Gardai and their families.”


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