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Irish singer warns festival goers about taking MDMA – after nearly dying from the drug

He took the drug at Electric Picnic last year


A former Ireland’s Got Talent contestant has warned about the dangers of taking drugs at Electric Picnic this weekend.

Singer Brandon Webb has revealed that he nearly died after taking MDMA at the festival this time last year.

The 20-year-old said he had over 300 mini seizures from taking the drug – and that his family were told to “say their goodbyes” while he lay in hospital.

Brandon in hospital last year

“I’d never done any drug before but as I drank more I let my guard down. I took MDMA and it all went downhill from there,” he told the Irish Mirror.

“I suffered a minor stroke and was rushed to Naas Hospital. My mam got a call that morning at 4am and rushed over – she thought it was a joke at first,” he explained.

“Before the festival she would always say ‘If you ever take something you’ll be the one that something happens to’ and unfortunately something happened to me.

“I had over 300 seizures in an hour and ended up on life support, they put me into an induced coma on the Monday morning and told my mum and dad to say their goodbyes.

Brandon on Ireland’s Got Talent

“I woke up on the Tuesday and had a seizure straight away so they put me back under again. For the second time they told my parents to say their goodbyes.

“I woke up the following Friday and the seizures had stopped. I was released from the hospital two weeks later.”

With reports that the current batches of MDMA are stronger than ever, and with recent teen deaths linked to the drug in Ireland, Bradon warned festival goers about taking the risk.

“This weekend last year changed my life forever. I made a mistake and instantly regretted it, what I put my mum, my dad, my little brother and sister and my whole family through was terrible.

Festival organisers are clamping down on drugs

“Be careful and say no, you don’t want to go through what I did.

“And stay safe – my advice would be beware who you’re with and who you’re around and who your so called friends are.

“A friend doesn’t try and push drugs on to you. I’ll never tell anyone not to do it because I’ve done it myself but if you are don’t be stupid, have your wits about you and make sure you’re with people you trust.”

Electric Picnic bosses are enforcing major clampdowns on drugs this year – after multiple deaths related to drug use this summer.

Organisers have warned that everyone will be searched for illegal substances this weekend.

Festival boss Melvin Benn said: “We will work closely with the Garda. The searching will be rigorous.

“But it’s about people making their own choices. Drugs are illegal for a specific reason – principally because they are dangerous.

“What’s in the drugs people don’t know and we urge people not to take drugs. That’s what the Electric Picnic position is and we hope they don’t.”